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There was a time when tooth-colored fillings weren’t readily available for dentists to use. This meant settling for the silver fillings that stood out when you flashed your smile or opened your mouth. Fortunately for us, technology and dental materials have gone a long way since then and we now have a lot of options when it comes to dental fillings.

Here at Huhn Dental in Orlando, FL, our family dentists, Dr. Doug Huhn, Dr. Clete Huhn, and Dr. Ryan Huhn, regularly uses tooth-colored dental fillings to repair smiles in a non-invasive and cost-effective process that delivers immediate results. But how can tooth-colored dental do this exactly?

What Exactly Are Tooth-Colored Dental Fillings?

According to the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD), tooth-colored fillings basically consist of a combination of plastics and small glass particles. They’re used for repairing cavities and changing the shape and color of a tooth. The choice of tooth-colored or composite resins is gaining extreme popularity because of its ability to improve your smile.

Dental fillings are used not only for repairing decayed teeth and restoring normal functionality, but also to prevent further decay as well. Since the color is similar to that of your natural teeth, it instantly repairs your smile as well.

Restoring Your Smile With Tooth-Colored Dental Fillings

Everything begins with the removal of the weakened or decayed portion of your tooth. It will then be prepped for bonding using a mild acid solution for etching. The filling will then be layered into tooth areas that must be sealed. Next, the layers will be treated with a special light to allow them to harden. The tooth will then be shaped and polished to ensure that staining and early wear won’t pose any issues.

Your family dentist in Orlando, FL, may recommend another type of filling depending on the significance of the decay of the tooth that must be treated. For instance, if your affected tooth regularly receives excessive chewing pressure, your dentist may also opt for other filling materials.

Why Tooth-Colored Fillings Are So Popular

One of the obvious reasons is that they’re excellent matches for the natural color of our teeth. This means that making them blend in with your smile is easy to do. Composite fillings also bond to the enamel directly so they make your teeth stronger and resistant to wear for five years, at the very least, depending on the quality of oral care you provide. This means the better care you give them, the longer your tooth-colored dental fillings will hold up.

Interested in Tooth-Colored Dental Fillings? Give Us a Call

Dial (407) 422-6281 to arrange an evaluation with one of the family dentists here at Huhn Dental in Orlando, FL, Dr. Doug Huhn, Dr. Clete Huhn, or Dr. Ryan Huhn.

What's the most popular treatment cosmetic dentistry offers? It's professional teeth whitening. This at-home or in-office service is professionally supervised by your dentist at Huhn Dental in Orlando FL. So, you know it works safely to brighten your teeth. Learn more about whitening from Drs. Doug, Clete, and Ryan Huhn.

Dental stains

Most smiles aren't naturally bright white. However, no matter their original color, teeth acquire organically-based stains. Also called extrinsic stains, these discolorations stem from tobacco, coffee, tea, curry, and other darkly-pigmented beverages and foods.

Brushing and flossing lightens them a bit as you remove plaque. Professional cleanings with your Orlando, FL, dentist help, too. But, some stains are just plain stubborn, and smiles need extra help.

Professional teeth whitening

According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), people want noticeably bright smiles more than any other smile improvement. Your professional team at Huhn Dental understands and offers Zoom! Whitening. If you qualify, you choose from at-home and in-office whitening. Both safely lift stains from tooth enamel, leaving teeth brighter by many shades of color.

Your dentist will review your medical history and examine your teeth and gums before advising any cosmetic treatment, including whitening. If your smile is healthy (no deteriorating restorations, gum disease or cavities), whitening can work for you.

Your friends at Huhn Dental offer Zoom! Whitening and its powerful carbamide peroxide gel. Swabbed on by your dentist or applied by you at home, this gel removes discolorations completely without harming your soft or hard oral tissues. Drugstore rinses, strips, and toothpastes just cannot work as well.

Keeping a white smile for life

Keeping your teeth white is as easy as:

  • Brushing two times a day
  • Flossing to remove plaque at least once a day
  • Getting a professional cleaning and check-up by your Orlando dentist every six months
  • Stopping all tobacco products
  • Reducing how much coffee, tea, and cola you drink
  • Brushing immediately after consuming staining foods such as blackberries and curry dishes

Learn more from Huhn Dental

Drs. Doug, Ryan, and Clete Huhn and their dedicated staff feature a wide range of cosmetic dentistry services. To find out what's right for you, contact Huhn Dental for a consultation. Ask about whitening. Call us at (407) 422-6281.

March 06, 2020
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Restorative dentistry procedures encompass various treatments that dentists utilize for restoring or replacing missing components of a tooth structure or lost teeth. Certain parts of a tooth or an entire tooth could be lost due to significant fractures or decay. Restorative treatment options are crucial for the following reasons:

  • Missing teeth can not only affect your appearance and confidence but your oral health as well
  • Replacing lost teeth will make it easier for you to maintain proper dental hygiene practices and help prevent the buildup of plaque and the various issues that plaque could cause
  • Filling gaps left behind by lost teeth ensures that your teeth and bite are correctly aligned

During your appointment with either one of our dentists here at Huhn Dental Care in Orlando, FL, Dr. Douglas Huhn or Dr. Clete Huhn, can diagnose your condition and recommend the most appropriate restorative dentistry treatments for you. Examples of these procedures include the following:

Dental Fillings

These protect the tooth from further damage by filling in cavities with tooth-colored composite resin.

Dental Crowns

These are coverings or caps placed over the damaged tooth in order to restore its appearance, shape, strength, size, cover an implant, or secure a dental bridge in place. Before fitting the crown, your dentist in Orlando, FL, will shape your tooth to ensure a perfect fit. Once your dental crown is ready, your dentist will bond it to the tooth being treated, restoring its look and function, and protecting it against further damage,

Dental Implants

Basically, implants are replacements for the natural tooth roots you lost along with your tooth. They are tiny, durable titanium posts that are placed right into the jawbone in the spaces left by missing teeth. Once surgically implanted, the implant will automatically fuse with your jawbone and act as a root for your new synthetic tooth that will be placed over it once it has fully healed.

Dental Bridges

These are false teeth specifically developed for bridging the spaces left by one or several missing teeth. They could be placed on either side using dental crowns and then bonded in place with a strong dental adhesive.


These are detachable replacements for surrounding tissue and lost teeth. Dentures are typically crafted from acrylic resin with durable metal attachments. They can come in partial and complete options. Partial dentures are recommended when some real teeth still remain, while complete dentures are recommended for replacing all teeth.


Learn More About Restorative Treatment Options Today

Contact Huhn Dental in Orlando, FL, and book your visit with one of our dentists, Dr. Douglas Huhn or Dr. Clete Huhn by calling (407) 422-6281 or sending us a message via our online contact form.

February 18, 2020
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Discover What Veneers Can Do For Your Smile

Attractive teeth play a big role in keeping you feeling confident and eager to show off your smile. Though time, age, wear and tear and staining can impair your smile, you can restore it to perfection with veneers. At Huhn Dental in Orlando, Dr. Douglas A. Huhn can fit you with veneers that are comfortable, attractive and fully functional.

What are veneers?

Veneers are strong but thin coverings for your natural teeth. Sized to fit your mouth and appearing natural, veneers are bonded to the surface of your teeth so you can bite, chew, talk and brush like normal.

What are the benefits of veneers?

Veneers are crafted from porcelain, which offers a stain-resistant surface. This means consumption of coffee, tea and red wine are less likely to cause discoloration. Veneers are a great non-surgical option for covering up cracks, chips, gaps and severe stains on your natural teeth. Your Orlando dentist will ensure your veneers are properly sized so they are comfortable and inconspicuous.

How are veneers affixed?

Dr. Huhn will first take a mold of your teeth, which will be used to construct your custom veneers. You may be supplied with a temporary set of veneers to wear while you wait for your veneers to be crafted. When the veneers are finished and ready for application, your dentist will gently buff away some of the surface enamel to create a porous surface for securely bonding your veneers. They will then be cemented to your natural teeth.

How do I care for veneers?

You can brush and floss your veneers as you would with your natural teeth and will need to schedule regular checkups and cleanings with your dentist at our Orlando office. While veneers are durable, they do have the potential to crack or chip if you bite something hard. You will want to avoid extremely sticky or hard foods.

A sparkling, straight smile can be yours with veneers from Huhn Dental in Orlando. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Huhn today by calling 407-422-6281.

November 21, 2019
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These days, there are more options than ever to fix dental imperfections and change something that you don't like about your smile. FromCosmetic professional teeth whitening treatments to porcelain veneers, there are a number of options available to correct minor damage, or even completely change the size or shape of your teeth. Read on to learn how Dr. Douglas Huhn, your dentist in Orlando, FL, offers cosmetic dentistry services that can completely rejuvenate your smile!


Cosmetic Dentistry from our Orlando Office

Cosmetic dentistry treatments can be purely aesthetic, or they can improve both the appearance and function of damaged teeth. In the case of missing or badly decayed or damaged teeth, a cosmetic procedure will fix your tooth and protect you from further oral health issues in the process.


Types of Cosmetic Dentistry

There are a number of ways to improve your smile and your oral health:

  • Professional teeth whitening
  • Cosmetic bonding
  • Porcelain veneers
  • Crowns and bridgework
  • Tooth-colored fillings
  • Dental implants


When to Consider Cosmetic Dentistry

There is no wrong time to invest in your smile. While some issues obviously require more immediate treatment than others, (e.g. a cavity, a broken/fractured tooth, etc.), other problems, such as stains and discolorations, develop gradually and become more conspicuous over time. Whatever your situation is, the first step in finding the cosmetic dental treatment that's right for you starts with an appointment to see the dentist for an exam.

Cosmetic dentistry services are available for a number of aesthetic and functional dental issues including:

  • Stains and discolorations
  • Missing teeth
  • Chips/cracks/fractures
  • Gaps and spacing
  • Change the size or shape of uneven or misshaped teeth


Interested? Give our Orlando Office a Call!

For more information about our cosmetic dentistry services, contact Huhn Dental by dialing 407-422-6281. Call today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Huhn!

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