Teeth Whitening Can Help Brighten a Faded Smile
By Douglas A. Huhn, D.M.D.
February 02, 2016
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My Smile is Dull; Can a Dental Whitening Treatment Help? How whitening treatments can brighten a faded smile.

Every year, your smile seems more dull and faded than the year before. It’s not your imagination. You know that aging changes your teeth whiteningbody, but it also changes your teeth, sometimes dramatically. But now there is something you can do about it. You should consider a professional whitening treatment from Dr. Douglas Huhn, your whitening expert in Orlando, Florida. He will bring your smile back to white again.

There are many reasons your teeth can become dull, faded and stained. What you eat and drink can play a big part in how white your smile is. When you drink coffee, tea or red wine, you are contributing to staining of your teeth. Also, when you eat foods with dark pigments like berries you can expect some tooth staining. Smoking, in addition to being bad for your body, will make your look dull, stained and yellowed.

Your teeth look dull and faded from the natural aging process. Your body changes and so do your teeth. Your tooth enamel becomes thinner and more transparent as you age. This allows you and others to see through to the layer underneath enamel, called dentin. This dentin layer is naturally yellow, and darkens as you age. The overall result is that your teeth appear darker and more yellow as the years go by.

You’ve probably seen many whitening products available in the grocery store including toothpastes, rinses and whitening strips. You may have tried a few and most likely you found the effect wasn’t enough, didn’t last very long or didn’t do anything at all to whiten your teeth.

Dr. Huhn has a different, more noticeable solution to give you the bright white smile you want. He can offer you:

  • An in-office whitening treatment during which Dr. Huhn will apply a bleaching gel to your teeth and enhance the effect of the bleach using a state-of-the-art light system; the end result is a sparkling white smile you will love
  • An at-home whitening system in which Dr. Huhn will provide a set of custom trays made just for you. He will give you prescription strength bleaching gel to place in the trays and wear at your convenience for short periods of time until you achieve the look you want. It’s a private, convenient way to whiten your teeth at your own pace.

Whichever whitening treatment you choose, with Dr. Douglas Huhn, in Orlando, Florida, be assured you are receiving the best treatment to get the best result possible. Don’t live with a faded yellow smile. Call Dr. Huhn and brighten your smile today!