What is Dental Bonding?
March 07, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Are you ready to find out how one simple dental procedure could improve the shape or color of a tooth?dental bonding

Most of the time people decide not to fix certain dental flaws in their smile because they worry about the time and expense necessary, but, fortunately, our Orlando, Fl, dentists Drs. Doug and Clete Huhn are happy to offer an easy, economical and painless way to fix small cosmetic imperfections without stressing out about invasive dentistry or a serious hit to your wallet.

About Dental Bonding

Do you know about the tooth-colored material used to fill a tooth after a cavity? This material, or resin, is the same kind used to cover small dental defects in your smile. While bonding won’t be able to tackle more serious flaws, it can help conceal minor problems such as,

  • Discolorations
  • Chips and cracks
  • Small gaps between teeth
  • Teeth that are too small
  • Uneven teeth

Getting Dental Bonding

Once one of our Orlando cosmetic dentists has taken a peek at your smile and determined that bonding is right for you, the procedure itself is very simple. Bonding is one of the easiest, least invasive and most economical cosmetic dentistry services available.

Here are the steps involved in getting dental bonding:

  • The shade of the resin is chosen to match your tooth.
  • A special liquid is applied over the tooth to roughen the surface. This won’t hurt at all or damage the tooth but it will help the moldable resin stick to the tooth.
  • We will mold and shape the resin around the area or areas of the tooth that we want to cover.
  • Once the resin is properly shaped we will direct a dental laser over the tooth to harden the resin into place.
  • Some additional trimming may be necessary after the resin is hardened.
  • The resin will be polished so that it shines similarly to natural tooth enamel.

If dental bonding sounds like the cosmetic dentistry you’ve been looking for, then it’s time you called our Orlando, FL, dental office today to schedule a consultation. We would be honored to help you achieve your dream smile.